departamento en Paris.

The Exotic Apartment in The City of Light
by Melina Divani
The Exotic Apartment in The City of Light
Paris is recognized for its naturally-romantic ambiance, and anyone would love to spend some time in the city. But how about when you have the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower every morning or before you go to bed at night? How incredible would it be? That is what you would experience if you are staying in this elegant apartment on Avenue de la Motte-Picquet. This is an apartment you would definitely want to board if you are visiting the beautiful City of Light.
About the Apartment

This is an elegant duplex apartment that has a supersized rooftop that gives the visitors a clear view of the Eiffel Tower. The original designers of the apartment specifically designed it for the sake of impressing the visitors. It is a perfect place for a family since it has a total of four bedrooms with varied sizes of beds.

The luxuriousness of the apartment starts all the way from the sitting room that has large sofas, with blending nautical and exotic themes. There are some artworks on the wall, which add more elegance to the room.

The master bedroom has a super king bed, and the other three bedrooms include a single trundle bed, a single bed, a normal size double bed, and a small-size double bed. Another point of highlight in the master bedroom are the private balcony that faces the Eiffel Tower, and a classy ensuite bathroom. The family toilet and bathroom have been designed with a similar nautical theme.

There is a second sitting room on the second floor, which accesses the balcony. Some classy sliding glass doors split the sitting room with the large balcony, so you can still enjoy the view with the doors closed. Also, the second floor hosts a hot tub and a unique kitchen area that has a stylish breakfast bar.

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